Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Final UT3 Environment
This Unreal Tournament 3 Environment was created by the ET3 team, Teresa Ng, Pui Pui Yeung, and I, Wirada Deerajviset. It is inspired by Snakes and Ladders game.

The Gameplay Demo File
This demo shows the distinctive and significant gameplay experience inspired by Snakes and Ladders game.

The Expertise in Action Demo File
This demo presents the distinctive and significant aspects of Particle system, Matinee and Kismet sequences on player during gameplay.

Draft UT3 Environment

This is our draft UT3 environment showing the overall exterior and interior of the building. Slabs and pathways were created instead of actual ladders.

The Real Time Image Captures

01 – Teleportation – Teleportation device is placed on the top of the building. The first player who wins the game will be teleported to the safety place.
02 – This image shows another view of lighting effect inside the building.
03 – Lighting with trigger – When player touches on the trigger located at the ground level of the building, the light will turn on every one second per each floor. This effect will help players to evacuate from the fired building.

04 – In stead of snakes or ladders, moving slabs are used in this environment. The slabs will be moving either up or down. Thus, the players have to make a decision and take luck in this game.
05 – This image shows the narrow pathways on each level. The slabs are located along the pathways. Players have to carefully jump to the slabs otherwise they will fall to the bottom and need to start the game again.
06 – After the game trailer, players will start on the ground level of the building. Players need to combat each others to be the first person who reaches the top.

07 – The building is burning. The insecure environment was created in order to encourage players to evacuate from the building. Without this motivation, the players would be less active to the game.
08 - To enhance the game environment, the fire effect was created. Players are not only careful with the dangerous narrow pathways and moving slabs, but they also need to evade the fire.
09 – Smoke and sparks is also created in this environment. The overall building is covered by smoke. This makes even more difficult to players as they cannot clearly see the way out.